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Luxin Group is a Swedish-based venture producing integrated high-end objects and customized smart solutions. We develop brands that advocates a remote lifestyle and provides increased security, efficiency, and self-fulfillment.

With different aims on different markets, we are set to provide both B2B- and B2C products and services. We develop wearable IOT technology with a centralized sustainable UI-focus. We believe everything can be easier, faster, and smarter for the customer, and we are set to continuously push the boundaries of creative inventions to drive innovation and global competition.

"To give customers what they want, not what they expect."

Customer priority is a given, but we also value three other main factors of product- and business development. We strive for consistency with attention to detail and quality in our manifestations, and will always provide customized solutions to our customers. We value coworkers and relationship within our team and throughout our supply-chain, and respect the importance of specific field experience, as well as the necessity of outside insights.

Luxin Group is a newly founded company that is based on today's knowledge regarding sustainability as three pillars: ecological, social, economical. We develop and execute our processes with CSR-incorporation. Read more on our sustainability work here.

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